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KSI Flower Power

Thursday, November 22, 2018

KSIP strives to foster and inspire the creativity of our students and what better way than learning a new skill via a CAS experience. After some of them successfully learned their first salsa moves, grade 11 students Ema Humajova, Briana Morales, Gabriel Ledezma, and Christian Thorne have decided to learn how to design flower arrangments.

Special commendation goes to Briana who refused to let the fever stop her and made sure to Skype in and participate in this creative adventure from home. Technology integration at its best.

We also had a special guest from grade 10, Gabriela Parras, who showed initiative and decided to join us, thus preparing for the future IB projects.

We had a lot of fun and learned the basics which will come in handy in our future designs. Next on the menu are flower crowns, corsages, and boutonnieres.

Stay tuned as we are just warming up.


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