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KSI Art week

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

KSI Art Week
To highlight the incredible talent of our student body, KSI Panama is celebrating Art Week from Monday, March 18 through Friday, March 22. Doors will be open for all of our community to come and see the artwork displayed all around the school's hallways. Starting on March 18, 2019, we will have daily activities involving students, teachers, parents and the broader arts community. 
On Monday, March 18 don't miss our senior student's show to be held at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, opening reception at 5 pm. This art show features our student's talents in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and music of students in the International Baccalaureate Programme and selected artwork from Middle School and High School. 
On Tuesday, KSI Panama is honored to have Olga Sinclair visit, and on Wednesday, our very own artistic parents Lizzy Saldarriaga and Luis Mongui will be coming to school to do art workshops with students. 
On Thursday, we will be honored to receive artist.
Finally, on Friday, March 22, our Primary School will be working simultaneously on five different large pieces of canvas that when put together will be seen as one.

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