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Eco - Fashion Show

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

On Monday, April 29th, Knightsbridge Schools International Panama held it's very first Eco-Fashion Show.  Students, staff and parents were challenged with creating clothing from materials that would typically go into the recycling bin.  The goal of the show was to highlight how creativity can inspire people to reuse materials that we usually consider trash.  The message is a strong one, and we hope that many students walked away thinking creatively of ways they can use our recyclable materials, not to mention the excellent fun that everyone had in creating their outfits and then modeling them on the stage.  Everyone involved had a great time, and while there were three winners identified in each category, everyone that participated is a winner!  Those who participated demonstrated risk-taking, caring, and being a communicator.  I was so proud of everyone that participated!  I want to send a great big thank you to the Parent Ambassador Committee, the team that put forth the idea and facilitated most of the planning and logistics, and of course, thank you to our supportive and wonderful PTA parents that help make everything happen at KSI Panama. Due to the effort, time, kindness and dedication of these incredible parents, we can offer beautiful experiences like the Eco-Fashion Show!


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