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Coronavirus Announcement

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dear Knightsbridge Community,

The purpose of this communication is to inform you that school will take place tomorrow. The school closures announced this evening by MINSA (The Ministry of Health) apply to institutions located in Panama “Norte”, “Centro”, and “San Miguelito”. Our school is located in the Panama “Oeste” region.

Given the new information provided by MINSA, we are transitioning to a Level 2 on our Coronavirus Crisis Management Matrix (see below).

Changes that come with moving to Level 2 include: 

  • Field Trips are cancelled.
  • Campus is only accessible to KSI Panama staff, students, and parents.

Given the nature of these recent developments, I understand that some members of the KSI community will choose to keep their child at home, but know that we are working diligently to offer our students a safe learning environment.


Mr. Morales

Coronavirus Crisis Management Matrix

We will use this Coronavirus Crisis Management Matrix to guide our response in the event of reported Coronavirus (or Covid-19) cases in Panama or within our community. 

The Matrix observes 4 Levels of Risk: 


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