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Welcome Back KSI Panama Alumni!

It is wonderful to have this alumni page initiated so that we can keep in touch!  I hope that you will find this page a wonderful way to stay connected with your friends, former teachers, and our community!  Each of you has had an important role in the history of KSI Panama and we want to stay connected with you too!

Whether it's in person or via our virtual community, we invite you to connect with KSI Panama by:

  1. Joining the KSI Panama Alumni Association
    Former KSI Panama Students, Parents, and Faculty/Staff all count as KSI Panama Alumni and are encouraged and welcome to join the KSI Panama Alumni Association. If you would like to join, please fill out our KSI Panama Alumni Association Membership Request Form. Once you join, you will be invited to KSI Panama’s future Alumni Events and receive information about KSI Panama
  2. Visiting our Campus
    We welcome all alumni back to our campuses and invite you to visit with former teachers or see how the campus has changed. To schedule a visit, please send us an email at
  3. Joining us in Person
    KSI Panama plans to host a special event throughout the coming year, offering Alumni a chance to reconnect, share stories from the past and make new memories. We hope to see you there!

The KSI Panama Alumni Association will be evolving over the coming months.  If you are interested in sitting on the Alumni Association, please email

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