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Tuition Fees 2019/20

Year Level Annual Fee
PreK2 $4,326
PreK3 - PreK4 $9,182
Kinder - Grade 5 $13,482
Grade 6 - Grade 9 $15,505
Grade 10 - Grade 12 $16,291

KSI Panama offer two payment options, tuition fees can be charged annually or termly.
Annual Payment - A discount of 7.5% will be applied for annual fees, if paid upfront by 31 July 2019.
Termly Payments - Termly payments are made in three instalments, payable before the start of each term: 5th August 2019, 5th November 2019, 5th February 2020. 

To find out about discounts and promotions please contact us on 202-0877

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee covers books (e-books and text books). Additional costs include; uniforms, transportation, co-curricular activities, additional tutoring, special education support, English Language Support (ESL), school lunches, yearbook, school photos, school supplies, field trips, iPads and MacBooks.

New students joining KSI Panama at the start of the school year must pay their enrolment fee and first instalment of tuition fees prior to commencing school. If a student enrols after the start of the school year, tuition is pro-rated based on the entry date, e.g. #days/180 x annual tuition fees.

Tuition fees are subject to change every year. Tuition fees will increase on an annual basis to ensure that they remain in line with the school’s increasing costs. The fee increase will apply to all students enrolled at the school. The next academic school year fees will be made available by the 30 April of the current school year.

If a company is responsible for funding the child’s education, the parent understands that the ultimate financial obligation, including late fees or any bank charges associated with payment of school fees rests with the parent, should the company fail to pay the necessary fees.

Application Fee

KSI Panama requires a once-off, non-refundable application fee of $250 per student. Payments can be made by cash or check, with a bank transfer incurring an additional $50.

Sibling Discount

KSI Panama offers a 5% discount to the second child attending the school. A family with three or more children attending shall receive a 10% tuition discount for the third child.  The discount applies to the youngest child enrolling.

Annual Re-Enrolment Fee

A fee of $550 (PreK2) or $650 (PreK 3 - Grade 12)  is charged per student at the commencement of each school year to re-enrol. 

Admissions Fee 

A one-time admissions fee will be charged per child. Please ask the school about payment options to better suit your needs. 

Annual Technology Fee

KSI Panama asks for a $300 technology fee paid annually for Kinder - Grade 12 students, this covers all technology accessed in classrooms. 

Late Fee

If fees are not received by the due date, the school will charge $10 per day late payment fee. School records and student work will not be handed out until fees are paid in full.

Notice Period

A full months notice must be given to the school in writing for any student wishing to withdraw from the school. Fees will be payable to the end of the Notice Period.


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