Head's Welcome

Head's Welcome

As the founding Director of Knightsbridge Schools International Panama (KSI Panama), I have an immense amount of pride and love for our school.  I consider myself lucky to work in an environment where community is valued, and there is an understanding that our common purpose is to provide our students with an outstanding education.  The entire team at KSI Panama; including custodians, teachers, technology, and finance personnel, all work together to ensure that every member of our community feels accepted, cared for and happy.  Our staff knows and understands the value of community and how it can impact a child’s success in school, and this is why we make a point of knowing every child in our school. 

KSI Panama is a diverse, International Baccalaureate World School, with an extremely dedicated and professional team that works daily to prepare students for life in a globalized world. In KSI Panama classrooms you will find student engagement in project-based learning that promotes critical and creative thinking to help solve real-world problems.  You will see our students working in teams, collaborating, speaking, debating and sharing ideas.  Garden’s growing, physics projects developing, community service projects making a difference and KSI Panama students at the heart of it all.   It’s a fantastic place to grow and learn!

KSI Panama offers students the opportunity to receive one of three high school diplomas to which we are accredited.  Students may receive the local Ministry of Education’s (MEDUCA) Science Diploma, a U.S. AdvancEd Diploma, and or the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Diploma.  Through offering a range of programs, KSI Panama can meet the needs of every student; each program providing students with a variety of opportunities for studying beyond their time with us.

It is a gift to work in a place where it feels like home. I hope that you will take the time to come and visit us so that you can feel for yourself what a beautiful learning community we are.

See you soon!

Wendy McArthur
Founding Director

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