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KSI Panama is located in Panama Pacifico, on the west bank of the Panama Canal, just 15 minutes from Panama City. The community is inspired by the most progressive principles of urban design that intertwines the human experience with its natural surroundings, incentivizing creativity and growth.

KSI Panama is located across the street from the Panama Pacifico Sports Park and Playground, allowing classes to make full use of these playing fields for sporting activities. 


KSI is committed to environmental sustainability in our schools and local community through the following key measures:

  • Green building design used to maximize efficiency of electricity, water and other resources
  • Focus on health and wellbeing of learners and staff
  • Reducing waste and pollution through everyday use
  • Active involvement in local environmental voluntary projects
  • Panama Pacifico
  • Kobbee History
  • Plans for the future


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