Parent Testimonials

Read testimonials from confident parents:

“The key criteria for selecting an international school in Panama for my bilingual daughter included its academic pedigree, an international curriculum, multicultural environment & a faculty that were not only caring & competent professionals, but nurturing & with a clear vision & mission.

After an extended evaluation of the international school options available, Knightsbridge ( KSI ) proved to be the only truly international school available, met all the objectives ( and more ) & can provide the IB programme through to her graduation.  
My daughter is in her “third year” with Knightsbridge & meets each school day with enthusiasm & a delight to learn & play within the community. It is a continuing pleasure to see her growing into a confident, balanced & knowledgeable student for which I extend my gratitude.”  



“I have a wonderful daughter called Michelle, who has spent the last two grades of her formative years at KSI-Panama. I have watched her become more in tune with the world that surrounds her, by expressing concerns for the environment, recycling, respect for others and the importance of other cultures around the globe.  I have watched her thrive in a variety of subjects such as math, language and reading. 

I have watched enjoy and look forward to her classmates and time spent at KSI.  What else can a Parent ask for from a school?   KSI-Panama is the wholesome solution.”