Change of Transportation Form

Your Child’s Safety is a Paramount 

This form will be used to: 

  • students that are being picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian
  • students that will be leaving school with a classmate  
  • any changes made to your student’s time or type of departure 

Please fill out this form with all the information necessary.


  • Students who are late to school more than 3 times per trimester will lose their privilege to drive to school.
  • Students who drive reckless at or near KSI will also lose their privilege to drive to school. 
  • Any report of unsafe driving, including speeding and ignoring crosswalks, in and around KSI Panama will result in suspension of driving privileges. 
  • Departure changes must be made before 12pm Monday-Thursday and 10am on Fridays.

You may reserve the service by filling out the form here.