Welcome to KSI library!

” Borrow a book, and you get to keep the ideas”

Our library is growing to become the heart of the school and a true community center.

Our primary students (Grades PreK to 5) have one fixed library time once in 6 days rotation schedule. They learn how to utilize the library resources and enjoy pleasure reading or story time. Each student from Kindergarten to Grade 5 is allowed to check out 1 book during their library time to take home with them. They are welcome to return it early and choose a different book any day. Pre-Kindergarten students enjoy books in the library, and parents are welcome to visit us and take several books home if they wish to do so.

Secondary students come to the library during school days to study or work on their projects. They can choose from a variety of fiction books to satisfy their need for pleasure reading.

Please, stop by and visit us! We hope to see you soon!


Ms. Rada Jordanovic