At KSI Panama we strive to provide all our learners with a balanced, relevant, engaging and differentiated education to ensure the success of all our students. We differentiate our curriculum to support learners of all abilities.

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The aim of our school is to support the development of independent lifelong learners. Our rigorous curriculum provides the knowledge and skills students require in order to attend their choice of international schools and/or universities worldwide.

At KSI Panama we also have small class sizes to ensure a differentiated education for your child:

  • Preschool (Nursery & Reception): 16-18 students (1 teacher & 1 teacher assistant)
  • Grade 1 to 5: 20-22 students
  • Grade 6 to 12: 22-24  students
Global Citizenship

We support all of our students to grow into global citizens who value and respect diversity.

 A global citizen:

  • Understands interconnectedness and complexity (knowledge)
  • Can see the world through the eyes of others (empathy)
  • Views the future with hope (empowerment)
  • Is committed to charity and responsibility towards others, other species and the environment (action & service)
For children new to English we have a comprehensive English Language Development
Multiple Languages

All students are taught Spanish as a Mother Language or as a second language. Children are placed in groups based on their language competency, accordingly at each year level. Students who are fluent in both English and Spanish will be eligible to take an online third language course.

The Arts and Sport

In line with our ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ ethos, we offer a range of athletic pursuits.  Athletics as an extra-curricular activity is an integral part of our student’s education and growth at KSI Panama, from preschool through the diploma years.

Through participation in athletics, students will mature physically, emotionally and socially.  They will learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing integrity, commitment and dedication.

We encourage creativity and expression throughout the arts curriculum and beyond. We take great pride in displaying our creativity around the school as well as via our assemblies and public display opportunities. 

Healthy Body Healthy Mind


KSI Panama believes strongly in the value of integrated technology for the 21st century learner.  The latest in information and computer technology ensure that our learners have the opportunities to interact with others close and distant in our digital age.