Special Education


Learning Support

Our special education program is founded on the belief that all children can learn and reach their full potential given opportunity, effective teaching and appropriate resources. Each special education student has an Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) that is designed according to each student’s specific needs.  A team that includes but is not limited to special education staff, classroom teacher and parents designs this plan.


Eligibility for special education services at KSI Panama is determined by a review of school records, teacher and parent input, school based evaluations, medical records and the results of an educational psychological.  The Admissions Committee determines placement in a particular special education program after a complete review of all relevant information.

Students who enroll at KSI Panama who have a current Individualised Educational Plan from another school may be able to receive special education services at KSI Panama after a review of the current IEP.


In order to qualify for special education services a student must have a current Educational Psychological, that is no more than 3 years old, which clearly identifies a need for special education services. The cost and procurement of this evaluation is the sole responsability of the parent. Students who do not have a current educational psychological will not receive special education services. The Principal of each Division and The Special Education Teacher will determine the most appropiate placement for special education students with input from the Administrative Staff at KSI Panama.

Individual Educational Plan (IEP

An Individual Educational Plan will be developed for each student at KSI Panama who qualifies for special education services. The IEP will include goals, objectives, classroom accommodations and type of special education placement. Other general information will be included in the document. Parents and special education staff will review the IEP at least one time per year. The IEP is a living document. Changes that benefit the child can be made to the document throughout the year. 

Least Restrictive Environment

Special education staff will determined the type of special education placement that is most appropiate for the student. This decision will be based on information from the educational psychological, prior school perfomance and the needs of the child. Every effort will made to place the student with his/her regular peers as often as is deemed beneficial to the student and his/her peers. 

Additional Therapies

Physical, Ocuppational and/or Speech/Language Therapy will be the financial responsability of the parent. Special education staff will provide professional referrals for parents to obtain evaluation and therapy. In order to provide program integration, it is requested that olds therapies take place at school as much as possible. Special education staff and therapist will work together to provide maximum learning opportunities for special education students.


There are additional fees for special education services at KSI Panama.

Special Education Services Fees Pre-K3 to Grade 12th

Level of Service Cost
Mild (3-7 hours) $ 3,000.00
Moderate (8-14 hours) $ 5,000.00
Severe (15-20 hours) $ 8,000.00
Full Time - Teacher Assistant required  $15,000.00

Fees for Speech/Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy

All services and Evaluations are conducted at school

Speech/ Language Therapy Cost of Session Cost of Evaluation
$ 45.00 $100.00
Occupational Therapy           Cost of Session Cost of Evaluation
$ 55.00 $75.00