The 5 'A's

At KSI we believe every child is a STAR.

If you give children as many opportunities as you can they will find a passion in five, and at KSI we support and monitor learner’s development in the 5 A’s to support them to “be all you can be”:   

The 5 A's Kinghtsbridge Schools International 

  1. Academics: literacy, mathematics, science, humanities, research, critical thinking and communication skills, information and communication technology, visual thinking routines.

  2. Arts: visual art, drama, dance, music, public speaking, performance.

  3. Attitudes: self management and social skills, leadership, responsibility, role modelling, IB learner profile, habits of mind, reflection.

  4. Athletics: individual and group sport, personal fitness, healthy body, healthy mind, nutrition.

  5. Action: responsible choices and reflections, community service learning, personal development, transdisciplinary skills, multiple intelligences.