Inspirational Learning Environment

KSI has developed inspirational learning environments that support the multiple and interconnected learning needs of each child.  

Students benefit from our stimulating surroundings which promote our healthy body, healthy mind philosophy.students, KSI Panama,

Our teachers ensure that our learners are positively engaged through relevant curriculum providing them with challenges that support their continued growth across all developmental stages. 

Collaborative Learning Communities
  • KSI architects design flexible spaces with movable furniture that can easily be easily be reconfigured for different class sizes and subjects.

Learning areas inspire intellectual curiosity and promote friendly, cooperative social interactions and collaborative leadership opportunities.

Connecting with the Outside World 

KSI inspires our learners to become involved and interact in the world around them through instant access to the physical and technological world.

Being a part of a global network gives our learners access to a variety of perspectives beyond their home, school or country. 

Students have: 

  • Access to quality ICT resources.
  • Classrooms with plenty of natural light and buildings designed to maximise access to outside space and plant life.
  • A curriculum which enables students to learn in authentic, relevant, and real world contexts.
  • Teachers who actively participate in professional learning communities with other KSI schools.

KSI is committed to environmental sustainability in our schools and local community through the following key measures:

  • Green building design used to maximize efficiency of electricity, water and other resources.
  • Focus on health and wellbeing of learners and staff.
  • Reducing waste and pollution through everyday use.
  • Active involvement in local environmental voluntary projects.
  • Panama Pacifico.
  • Kobbee History.
  • Plans for the future.