Authorisation and Accreditation

KSI Panama is fully authorised Panama Ministry of Education (MEDUCA).

KSI Panama is also seeking American Accreditation through AdvancEd. “AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world, they are non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigourous on-site external reviews of PreK - 12  schools and schools systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.” For more information visit 

International Baccalaureate Organisation /Authorisation

KSI Panama is an IB World Scghool since August 2015, offering the DP program. KSI Panama is a PYP Candidate School and aims to provide all three IB programmes: IB PYP, MYP and DP.

What is the process of becoming an IB World School?

The process takes approximately 3 years to complete from start to finish.

1.Consideration Phase

Firstly, a school must exist for 3 years. If a school wishes to become an IB World school they must first complete the IB application and complete a feasibility study to demonstrate their ability to implement the programme.

2. Request for Candidacy

After completing the consideration phase, the school requests to become a candidate school with the IB

3. Candidacy Phase and Request for Authorisation 

Following the application and review of documentation for candidacy the school may be recognised as an IB Candidate School.

  • The school must implement the PYP for at least one academic year before authorisation can be considered.
  • All staff must complete specialised professional development plans to demonstrate that all teachers are trained to IB standards.
  • The School then applies for authorisation. The application is considered and if successful, the school receives the IB visiting team during a verification visit. When the school is authorised it joins the ranks of  IB World Schools.

KSI recognises the importance of both authorisation and accreditation for schools. The strategic plans aims first to ensure the high quality implementation of the IB programmes while KSI pursues accreditation.