Knightsbridge Schools International Panama is a private educational institution registered in Panama. It is part of the Knightsbridge Schools International global network of schools and is currently transitioning the former Panama Pacifico Academy to a KSI Panama for August 2013.

The Director of KSI Panama is Wendy McArthur.

The Director is engaged by the Executive Team of the Head Office of Knightsbridge Schools International based in London

Knightsbridge Schools International

Knightsbridge Schools International (KSI) was established in 2008 by the founders of Knightsbridge School in London to develop and operate a network of international schools in attractive locations around the world.  KSI teaches the International Baccalaureate curriculum across its network of schools, educating children from ages 3-18.  KSI has also introduced KSI Camp, to provide holiday excursions to students within their family of schools; KSI Kids, a bilingual early-years program; and KSI Learning and Psychology Centers will also be rolled out across its global network in key locations.

KSI is an inclusive school environment that simultaneously embraces global citizenship and promotes diversity in our staff and learners while supporting the personal achievement of each learner’s academic, behavioural, social and physical goals. We aim to develop self‐motivated, independent learners with enquiring minds who understand the value of collaboration and aspire to the highest standards in all that they do.

About Knightsbridge School in London

Knightsbridge School (KS) was founded in 2006 as the successor of the Hellenic College of London and has become one of the most prestigious preparatory schools in the UK. KS is a co-educational school for children ages 3 to 13 teaching the British National Curriculum. KS is academically rigorous and promotes a distinguishing ethos that develops smart, happy and successful students into curious, enthusiastic lifelong learners. The school is led by the highly esteemed and respected Headmaster, Magoo Giles, who is also Knightsbridge Schools International’s Chief Ethos Officer.

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